Wenglor and ultrasonic sensors, ultra powerful and ultra compact

Wenglor and ultrasonic sensors, ultra powerful and ultra compact

Wenglor, the innovation family, still surprises with its new ultrasonic sensors. Ultra compact

Da wenglor new ultrasonic sensors arrive, so small that they do not exceed the size of the "enter" button on the pc.

These sensors for the direct ultrasound testing U1KT001 have a really high range: 400mm. To detect dark, transparent or reflective fluids and objects, two mutually independent switching outputs can be installed.

With their help it is possible to monitor, with great precision, the minimum and maximum values ​​during measurement of filling levels, distances and stacking heights, even in the presence of factors
di interference such as extraneous light, fog or dust.

Direct ultrasound testing

Direct ultrasound testing

Application of ultrasonic sensors

Bending arrow control: In the bending arrow control, the sensors regulate the feeding of the material in the machines, measuring the through depth. In barrier operation, ultrasonic sensors can check the material on the paths.

Fill level measurement: they are ideal for measuring the filling level of loose or fluid goods.

Presence check: these ultrasonic sensors detect objects, whatever their material or color. When ultrasonic sensors work synchronously, they can detect large objects, such as stone slabs on a surface.

Measurement of stacking height: the sensors check the stacking height of material stocks in order to ensure compliance with the limits; to help control speed, thanks to the "multiplex" function it is possible to measure several adjacent batteries.

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