We leave after a long workout

We leave after a long workout

The international health situation has forced many companies to stagnate. For many, the health emergency has already turned into an economic emergency, given that the lockdown applied in Italy (much more rigid, for example, than that of Germany and various Swiss cantons) has forced many businesses and workers to remain dormant. But to start again you have to believe it, try to overcome the limits.

Vuototecnica, in this world of profound change and expectation, she did not stay on the sofa: she trained, updated herself. He thought about the next projects. It has continued its activity, as far as possible, in compliance with the rules provided by the WHO and the government, in different phases, but with the same passion and competence as ever.

And she was ready, on the starting blocks, waiting for the official "start", warming her legs to start faster than before and competing with the challenges that the post-Covid-19 will put in front of the sector and the supply chain.

#noicisiamo therefore becomes #ripartiamo. Together.