The Smart Factory is now

The Smart Factory is now
Smart Factory for Comau it is not just a word, or a distant concept; rather, it is a mission that he has been following for some time, fielding all the technologies at his disposal. 

In fact, according to McKinsey data, Industry 4.0 has a potential value of 3,7 trillion dollars between now and 2025; yet, only 30% of companies in the world are managing to achieve greater value with these solutions. 

Nonetheless, 80% of manufacturing businesses are confident in digital transformation. 

Comau for some time, for this 80% of companies has developed numerous solutions to digitize more and more parts of the production process.

These solutions have brought countless benefits, starting with increasing productivity and reducing machine downtime, but also improving information, which has allowed to reduce costs for low-value purchases and reduce inventory. 

Watch the video to know all the available solutions, and contact us to find the one that suits you best.