Textile machines: the sector in Italy

Textile machines: the sector in Italy

The world of textile machinery in Italy wins with 83% of global export

Italian textile machinery manufacturers are famous worldwide: 1,2 billion euro exports to 130 countries in the world. In total the global production of textile machinery counts 2,5 billion euros in Italy and its main reference markets are:

  • Asia (46% of total exports)
  • Europe (35%)
  • North America (7%)

Tradition and technology for Made in Italy textile machines

The Italian textile tradition dates back to ancient times and, consequently, also theexperience over the course of time has played a determining role in knowledge and skills of Made in Italy in this field. At the same time, the relationship between producers of machinery and i Consumers it has always been very close, so that mutual exchange has led to significant synergies and improvements over the years.

In addition to tradition, however, the textile sector has always welcomed technological innovations, giving rise to increasingly advanced products; from energy saving to that of raw materials, the focus is always on a product that offers a lasting advantage over time for the customer.

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Covid-19: drop in orders and critical issues

The impact of the Lockdown on the economy has not spared the textile machinery production sector and indeed the production in the first quarter fell 31% compared to 2019. The prolonged closure benefited Germany, which continued its activities during the same period. Furthermore, mobility problems have a significant impact on technicians' interventions: closed borders and quarantine periods (both outgoing and incoming) limit installation and maintenance, slowing down the economy and impacting commercial relationships.

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