Safety and protection: the role of glass for the emergency COVID19

Safety and protection: the role of glass for the emergency COVID19

The current global health emergency offers glass the opportunity to propose itself as the most suitable material for the protection and safety of peoplehowever, on the market there are mainly products made with materials that, for public opinion, pass as more accessible and equally effective.

We are well aware that this is not the case and that alternative solutions to glass are aesthetically less satisfying, often more expensive and sometimes even potentially dangerous for human health.

To dispel this belief, a positive campaign is needed (pro glass, not against other materials) that enhances the products of our supply chain and the qualities of glass.

Here because GIMAV e VITRUM have decided to launch the campaign with the hashtag #glassistheanswer.

The idea is simple and potentially very effective: invite all associates, exhibiting companies but also customers, our collaborators, etc. to "Make the video viral" that you find below (and then the entire campaign characterized by the hashtag #glassistheanswer) sharing it on all possible social channels or using it as they see fit to reach the widest possible audience with the message that: "glass is the answer".

In the hope that this first proposal will be an example for many similar initiatives, we are talking to all the trade associations in our sector to develop a campaign that is as shared as possible but we cannot wait for everyone's consent.

We must start immediately because in these cases the reaction times make the difference!