Robotics: a precious ally against Covid

Robotics: a precious ally against Covid

Robots against Covid-19, allies for security.

Italy is one of the most innovative and creative countries in the world at the level of robotics and the solutions developed could be valid allies in fight against Covid-19. This is because I am a concrete help in compliance with safety and standards; however, the problem in implementing these solutions is always the lack of funds.

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How can robots help fight Covid?

I robot I'm versatile and scientific research can have a great positive impact in the management of this difficult period; in fact, the robot can be a "robot companion“, An ally both at home and at work.

The term "robot companion" was born in the early 2010s and, although at the time it seemed very far from reality, in today's world it has become a concrete support in many activities; among these, also the use of robots to sanitize hospital areas on a daily basis.

Specifically, robots could get to clean the surfaces 24 hours a day, maintaining a constant level of hygiene in risk areas; or, thanks to infrared screening and camera systems, keep patients in intensive care constantly monitored, reducing the burden on nursing staff. Among other tasks, robots could facilitate contact between patients and family at home thanks to screens for video calls, but also help in dispose of sheets ed clothes of patients infected.

The pandemic that hit the world has revealed, more than before, how necessary and of real support all these systems are, even though robots programmed to work in hospital still do not exist today.

The hope is therefore that an international project can be launched to finance a study for the production of flexible and adaptable robots.

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