AIRPLUS air handling units by Pneumax

AIRPLUS air handling units by Pneumax

AIRPLUS air handling units by Pneumax born and developed in the name of reliability, flexibility and ease and speed of installation.

AIRPLUS air handling units offer a wide range of modules with different functions and characteristics, together with a wide choice of materials available, making them a robust, reliable and extremely flexible modular system, and therefore adaptable to every need. AIRPLUS units are modular in unlimited configurations and solutions and, properly assembled, they are able to satisfy and fulfill all the functions of compressed air treatment such as filtration, regulation, lubrication, interception and distribution.

Here are the main features:

  • Available in technopolymer or aluminum versions
  • 4 sizes with flow rates up to 8000 Nl / min
  • Connections from 1/8 "to 1"
  • Safety elements that can be integrated into the pre-assembled group
  • Wide range of elements for filtration and regulation
  • Modular design
  • Simple to assemble and fix through quick-connect flanges
  • Unlimited configurations
  • ATEX certification

Airplus air treatment units can be integrated with safety elements that comply with EN-ISO 13849-1 and CE marking pursuant to the EU Machinery Directive, Annex V and are available in 4 sizes, with connections from 1/8 "to 1" and flow rates up to 8000Nl / min.

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