OCMI-OTG presents FLA-20E: capable of producing all types of vials used on the market

OCMI-OTG presents FLA-20E: capable of producing all types of vials used on the market

OCMI-OTG introduces FLA-20E: capable of producing all kinds of vials used in the market such as penicillin, insulin, screw neck and blow-back neck.

From a technological point of view, the machine is equipped with 20 spindles that process glass tubes with diameters ranging from 8mm up to 30mm and a production capacity of max. 3.000 vials per hour with heights from 35 mm to 100 mm.
The machine consists of: main base, the lower wall of the base houses the main motor of the machine, the spindle motor and the oil pump.
The upper part of the base is designed to house the oil tank with filtering system and electric pump for the continuous forced circulation of the oil.

Main body
The machine has a planetary gear movement driven by two independent pinions, in alloy steel, case-hardened, tempered, ground, against the gear of the rotor wheel and the gear of the spindle wheel, in alloy steel.
The main shafts rotate on preloaded tapered bearings. All gears and bearings are automatically lubricated by the oil pump.

Spindle sections
The machine is equipped with 20 + 20 upper spindle sections and 20 lower spindle sections in cast iron. The upper sections house a double mandrel to ensure a perfect grip of the glass tube during the processing cycle. The spindles, with max. 35 mm bore, run on ball bearings and the lower spindles, in case-hardened alloy steel, run on preloaded ball bushings.
The spindle sections are independent of each other and can be easily realigned or replaced in the event of an accident.

Burner sections
The machine is equipped with special burners activated by the movement of the spindles with easy height adjustment and radial distance. As per the standard machine layout, the following types of burners are installed:

  • Preheating burners
  • Final forming burners
  • Bottom forming burners

The burners are equipped with different nozzles, depending on their function, with spring and shock absorber for the return movement.
There are 4 blower burners placed on the base, with the function of blowing air inside the lower sleeve of the spindle up to the inside of the vial to keep the hot glass of the bottom as flat as possible. The rest of the flatting work is done through a dedicated buffer.

Vial formation section

For forming the mouth of the vial, the machine is equipped with four tooling tools, two for preforming and two for finishing. The first is dedicated to preparing the vial shoulder and adjusting the amount of glass for the next forming station. It is equipped with only one roller.
The second preforming station is equipped with two rollers and a plunger and is dedicated to improving the finishing operation and making it easier and more precise. The third and fourth tooling stations are the main ones, mounted on a trolley that moves in perfect synchronization with the main machine for the finishing of two vial mouths in the same operation. The movement of the tool-holder heads and tools is controlled by PLC and brushless motors.
All the tooling stations can be dismantled for maintenance and tool replacement operations for job change.

Available options

ROBOGLASS automatic tube loader
Inspection system with OPTIVE camera