Metal reinforcement of the sealing rings: internal, external and half-covered

Metal reinforcement of the sealing rings: internal, external and half-covered

Discover with Fridle Group what are metal reinforcements, what are the types and characteristics

What are the metal reinforcements of the sealing rings for?

The metal reinforcement serves to give the sealing ring the rigidity necessary for a stable coupling with its housing.

What materials are they made of?

In the standard version, the metal reinforcement is made of medium / deep stamped steel sheet, according to UNI EN10130 or DIN 1624 standards, with a thickness suitable for the ring size. In cases where resistance to corrosive fluids is required, it can be provided in: - stainless steel, according to DIN 17440 / tab. 1.4401 or AFNOR Z6 CND 17.11 (ex AISI 316) - brass, according to UNI 4894 standard.

With reference to the elastomer, the metal reinforcement can be: internal, external or half-covered.

Internal metal armor

Sealing rings with internal metal armor resist corrosion. These armatures do not damage the seat, even if it is in light alloy, ensuring a greater possibility of spare parts without damage.

External metal armor

Designed for uses that required high removal forces and automated movements with magnetic systems, over time it has been shown that, in order to have a reliable seal, this type of armor needed a rectified external finish and a fine machined seat, in addition to the use of sealing materials. The cost was significantly higher than that covered. It is therefore used only with high quality compounds where the cost increase is compensated by the savings in elastomeric material.

Semi-covered metal armor

This solution involves covering the external reinforcement for about half its height. This coating is a vulcanization product and can be smooth or corrugated to better adapt to the planting needs of our customers. The resulting advantages are: excellent locking in place, savings on precious materials, easy assembly, safe operation.
This type of locking is recommended for projects that require particularly heavy use.

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