KISSsoft AG and the production of high quality software

KISSsoft AG and the production of high quality software

Initially conceived as calculation software for personal use by the Zurich gearbox manufacturer L. Kissling & Co. AG, KISSsoft has rapidly spread to all sectors of the mechanical industry since the early 80s.

KISSsoft AG develops design software for engineers and designers in a wide range of sectors: whether it is cableway systems, gears for construction machines, Formula 1 racing car transmissions or small gears used in the rovers on Mars, more and more companies all over the world have come to rely on KISSsoft design software.

KISSsoft is used in industry for:

  • standard gearboxes and gearboxes for heavy loads,
  • the handling of raw materials and in the mining industry,
  • cranes and winches,
  • mill drives,
  • servomotors,
  • motors,
  • robotics,
  • planetary gearboxes e
  • open transmissions or toothed crowns.

Calculations of shafts and bearings they can also be carried out directly with separate modules.

Even large companies in the automotive sector entrust their calculations to our software programs, which are successfully used for the transmissions of cars, trucks, buses, tractors, combine harvesters, motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, campers, for famous vehicles used in motor sports. , military vehicles and construction machines, forklifts and engines.

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