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Viale V. Lancetti 43 - 20158 Milan

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ANIE Automation with its beyond 100 associated companies represents companies operating in Italy in the following product sectors:

  • Process automation
  • Electric drives
  • Components and technologies for measurement and control
  • Mechatronics
  • PLC-I / O
  • Industrial software
  • Remote control, Network Digitization and Distributed Applications
  • Telematics applied to traffic and transport

In 2016, the sector generated a turnover of over 4 billion.

ANIE Automazione is registered with the CEMEP (European Committee of Manufactures of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics) where he actively participates in VSD group (Variable Speed ​​Drives).

ANIE Automation is Founding Partner di SPS IPC Drives Italia, the industrial automation fair held every year in May in Parma.

Contact us for information
Contact us for information