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V.le Fulvio Testi, 128 - Cinisello Balsamo (MI) - 20092 Italy

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ASSOFLUID is the Italian Association of Manufacturers and Operators of the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sector, based in Cinisello Balsamo (MI).
In the 50s some companies in the sector started a collaborative relationship, then participating in the establishment of the CETOP - European Committee of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmissions.

About six years later, in February 1968, these companies decided to join the association by founding ASSOFLUID.
In fifty years of life the association has grown tremendously, going from 13 founding members to the 180 current member companies, which represent about 70% of the Italian market with a total number of employees exceeding 14.000 units.

ASSOFLUID adheres through Confindustria Federvarie, in Confindustria, the main representative organization of manufacturing and service companies in Italy.
ASSOFLUID also adheres to Federmacchine, National Federation of Associations of Manufacturers of Instrumental Goods intended for carrying out manufacturing processes in industry and crafts, which includes eleven associations of machine manufacturers.

ASSOFLUID companies present themselves as the best in the industry and export, today more than ever, their products all over the world.
The main purpose of the Association is to coordinate, protect and promote the technical and economic interests of the hydraulic and pneumatic sector.

Contact us for information
Contact us for information