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Established in December 1971 on the initiative of some companies in the sector, ASSIOT currently groups around one hundred companies with around 14.000 employees and with a representativeness of around 70% of the sector.
The Association aims to coordinate, protect and promote both the technical and economic interests of the mechanical sector in Italy and abroad and in particular aims to:

for the discussion of issues of common interest, all the companies involved or groups of them.

the Associated Companies at Institutes, Bodies, national and international Organizations.

in the interest of the associated companies, technical, economic and legislative problems, as well as fiscal problems.

the knowledge and the greater diffusion of the sector techniques and of the products built by the Associated Companies, also promoting exhibitions and conferences both in Italy and abroad.

technical and professional education both through the publication of manuals, and by organizing and managing educational courses, and by promoting every form of collaboration of the Associated Companies with universities, technicians and professional schools.

to the collection and processing of statistical data and economic sector information.

finally to any other assignment which, in the interest of the sector or at the request of individual companies, was entrusted to it by its own bodies.

Why, what and how?

The pioneers of the sector who founded ASSIOT more than forty years ago had clear ideas about the reasons why it was worth it - just read the Statute to realize it - but, those reasons, are they still valid for us today? And, consequently, what and how does ASSIOT deal with in order to still be interesting for companies in the sector today?

the answer still current, can be summed up in three words: ASSIOT to ... UNDERSTAND, SHARE and COMPETE.

because companies in the same sector devote a large part of their resources to solving common problems ascribable to the precompetitive sphere;

because networking is the humus on which the competitiveness of a sector grows and develops;

so that the peculiarities of the Italian Motion and Power Transmission Systems industry are recognized and appreciated all over the world.

if those identified above are the reasons why it makes sense to join ASSIOT, then, what are the activities that, for consistency, ASSIOT will not be able to refrain from doing? ASSIOT can only focus its activity on three activities: identifying and solving common problems, promoting networking and promoting peculiarities and values ​​of the Italian industry in the sector.

through the activity of Commissions and Working Groups and the proposal of Info-Training Paths and Targeted Services, ASSIOT monitors problems and opportunities that are proposed to the sector, spreads necessary information and culture and structure attempts to respond; promotes networking between associates always putting the right atmosphere of collaboration at the center of the proposal for institutional, work and social occasions; promotes the peculiarities of the sector to all stakeholders at national and international level with all available means: InMotion, TECO,, etc ...

But an association must also be convenient, at least in a broad sense. It is enough, however, to read the proposed scheme on the contrary to understand how the characteristics of the membership offer derive advantages for the entire sector and benefits for each individual company that makes it up.

Always remembering that the associative relationship is based on free membership, not on the obligation to be present or on a purchase of services, therefore, active participation in the associative life remains an essential and fundamental condition.

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Contact us for information