Load cells for hospital beds: WIKA has them customizable

Load cells for hospital beds: WIKA has them customizable

Load cell systems for hospital beds: WIKA simplifies the task with Covid-19 patients.

Monitor patients in the hospital takes a lot of time and attention, with suitable devices to the task. Especially in a critical period, such as that of the Covid19 emergency, a prompt and precise response is needed to be able to take care of patients in the appropriate way, by administering the right quantities of drugs.

WIKA, to better support medical teams, he realizes fast response customizable load cell systems for hospital beds, available for manufacturers.

Load cell systems for hospital beds are increasingly a necessity; to administer the treatments correctly and to monitor the patient's health, it is necessary to know their weight, but it is not always easy: people with reduced mobility, or unconscious, bedridden. For all these problems and many others (of which, not least, the discomfort and embarrassment for patients), hospitals almost always have a hospital bed system that integrates load cells for digital weighing.

Why choose WIKA load cells

Very often, hospital bed manufacturers have to settle for a ready-to-use system that is not specific to healthcare needs. As a result, the load cells are not positioned optimally and doctors have a less intuitive interface available.

WIKA instead started collaborate directly with hospital bed manufacturers to understand which load cells were most effective. From the studies a system was therefore created consisting of:

  • load cells
  • adder circuit
  • display

Le optimal load cells are the shear and bending ones and generally they are arranged according to how the bed is built and how it is articulated to rise. The adder circuit then collects the data from each load cell and adds them; Finally, the display helps to process the data and also detect the patient's movements.