Hi tech human resources: universities and companies call young people with the virtual fair

Hi tech human resources: universities and companies call young people with the virtual fair

The Covid19 emergency situation, never experienced before in living memory, has made more evident the deep need of the manufacturing industry to recover quickly. If on the one hand we see that the case of machinery and technologies that make it possible to do so is not uncommon but more and more frequent ensure more easily compliance with new safety regulations, in particular the distancing between workers, this is certainly not enough. To be able to recover and survive, companies must be able to adapt by responding to crises by adapting to them and this is possible only with agile and flexible production that is able to respond quickly to any type of need.

The process is underway: when we say we already have over 20 billion connected objects we are not just talking about the washing machine or refrigerator at home, but increasingly about objects that are within the industrial chain, that is to say components that make up the machine itself. The connection brings us the increased speed and interconnection, which are the central elements of agility, but we are observing that it is the person who paradoxically returns to the center of the process, much more than in the past. The theme therefore is not only that of machines but of human capital: people.

Yet this has not yet turned into an opportunity and remains more of a problem, 65% of the human resources that companies are looking for today, for example in Lombardy, are not available on the market. There remains, indeed remains, a training problem not addressed in companies despite the resources made available to this end that schools and especially universities address by raising awareness and attracting young people, as well as by carrying out the their institutional role, on the subject. The point is to show them that some disciplines have real scope.

Although not only in this light one virtual fair made in Italy with guests from all over the world it took place from November 30th to December 4th. Among the protagonists, companies like Leonardo, Fca, Ducati, Elettronica Group, and the academic world, with the Polytechnic of Milan, University of Padua, Rina Certification Institute e Cineca an Interuniversity Consortium of 92 public bodies including two ministries and 69 universities. The theme ranged from industry 4.0 to the new frontiers of artificial intelligence, passing through big data, up to the most recent applications of engineering simulation in various fields such as automotive, aerospace, oil and gas industry, manufacturing. , food and beverage up to biomedical and medical research. International guests included Stanford University, High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart, Airbus Helicopters, Bosch Thermotechnology, Eaton India Innovation Center LLP, Altair, Oerliko.

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