Laumas Elettronica and internationalization through the online shop

Laumas Elettronica and internationalization through the online shop

Laumas Elettronica since 1984, operates on the weighing and industrial dosage market, realizes customized applications and reliable precision products.

Laumas Electronics it is present in over ninety countries around the world, thanks to both a dense network of dealers and careful marketing and web marketing activities that have made it an internationally known reality.

Massimo Consonni, General Manager and Social Media Marketing Manager of Laumas, illustrates his experience with a partner of excellence How Alibaba, the web platform for B2B online exchange with which it has managed to further expand the sales network and the possibility of getting in touch with new potential customers. Watch the interview below!

Alibaba offered the possibility to Laumas, through a work by the company of continuous improvement of the keyword strategy, to make himself visible and available on markets where he had not yet managed to enter effectively. With the management of potential clients through direct contact, an excellent opportunity is created to meet any requests and to customize the products if necessary.

To better face national and international markets, the possibility of being part of web portals with a solid and effective SEO strategy, such as ItalianIngenio, is an indispensable requirement for its presence on online shop portals such as Alibaba to be evident and traceable by the target of potential customers.

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