Customer success is the goal of SCHNYDER's business

Customer success is the goal of SCHNYDER's business

SCHNYDER is a dynamic company founded in 1944, which has always been at the forefront in the development and production of customized and affordable gear cutting solutions.

In-depth knowledge of technology gears, the high-tech software, the machines designed and built by themselves and a strong collaboration with suppliers and customers ensure competent technical support and service for the automotive, aerospace, watchmaking, energy and gear manufacturers industries.

In order to guarantee maximum constant quality over time, SCHNYDER toothing tools are subjected to rigorous checks throughout the entire production process and suppliers are asked to satisfy the most demanding requests.
Thanks to dedicated education and training courses SCHNYDER is able to ensure up-to-date know-how and qualified assistance to respond to customer requests.

The SCHNYDER "Full service" maintenance service deals with the re-sharpening of the surface, the profile grinding and the coating of the tool and allows you to plan its replacement in time.

SCHNYDER bases its solidity on 3 pillars:

  • Greater efficiency thanks to the application of SCHNYDER engineering directly on site
  • Expertise in finding complete solutions
  • Innovative products ahead of their time thanks to SCHNYDER engineering

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