Sensormatic for Covid-19 prevention

Sensormatic for Covid-19 prevention

PATLITE by Sensormatic turns for prevention at Covid-19

Sensormatic transforms its NH and BSV series into a "Covid prevention" perspective.


Its products of these lines have registered 12 voice messages in MP3 format both in Italian and English which inform the people on safety rules to be respected during Phase 2 from the Covid period in Italy.

The column Ethernet (signal light) is of great help thanks to the combination of lights and voice messages to bring spaces up to standard in a short time and effectively.

Sensormatic, given its experience in sensors, can also integrate the columns with thermal cameras and thermoscanners to detect body temperature; or, they can be inserted AI systems and access control, in order to build automatic systems capable of managing alarms or reproduce the messages recorded when workers and users pass.


PATLITE Sensormatic signals the social distances to be maintained

And in the post-emergency Covid phase?

Once installed these control devices can be used to monitor the entire network infrastructure, as well as modify the recorded messages in order to customize them in a very simple way and for every need.

If you want to see PATLITE running for social distancing, you will find videos here!

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