Machines for the production of ceramics & products: market data

Machines for the production of ceramics & products: market data

The sector of ceramic machinery manufacturers in Italy

Globally, there is no larger and more structured industrial system than the Italian ceramic industry. In fact, to date, the at export worth about the 76% of total national production; The success of Made in Italy ceramic machinery is certainly due to thevery high quality level of the systems, in addition to theirs competitiveness than other global manufacturers.

Turnover for theYear: 2019 stood at altitude 1,78 billion, slowing down compared to previous years. However, this also relates to the peaks reached in 2017, where tax incentives have strongly encouraged the renovation works.

At the country level, exports are mainly oriented towards the European Union (23,2%) followed by the other countries of the Eurozone but outside the EU (15%).

Ceramic production: tiles dominate the market

At the product level, tiles have the largest market share, with 86.5% of the total in 2018 (source Acimac) followed by the health professionals (4.9%). The latter, made up of only 30 companies, produced 4 million pieces in 2019, with a growth of + 0,7% compared to the previous year's production.

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