Celmi launches the Sanix line: steam sanitizing machines

Celmi launches the Sanix line: steam sanitizing machines

Sanix is ​​the new Celmi line dedicated to sanitizing with dry saturated steam and disinfectant

The sanitization of the environments has become the prerogative of any activity and in this period many are working to find the ideal solutions, such as Celmi, which found a solution in SANIX.

These dry saturated steam machines, combined with the SANIX accessory, manage to combine the sanitizing power of the steam with that of a product based on hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. This formula was born to have a effective germicidal effect.

Il dry saturated steam goes through SANIX, where does not overheat and maintains its properties intact.

Once the liquid is sprayed, it settles forming a patina on the surface, which evaporates in a few minutes; in this way, it will not be necessary to isolate the workplaces for a long time, but it is possible to start again immediately and easily. Moreover, can be repeated several times a day (for example in restaurants where it is essential).

Sanix steam sanitization

The SANIX accessory and the SANI VAPO machines for sanitizing with steam

How does sanitization work?

Steam can be used in two different ways:

  • Steam emission through a microfibre cloth with heating pad. In this case it passes on the surfaces to remove residues and dirt;
  • Vapor which acts as "means of transport "of the sanitizing liquid, so as to reach all points.

According to Celmi, it would be good to combine the two methods to ensure complete sanitization.

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