Bottero Spa: glass as passion, art, technology and innovation

Bottero Spa: glass as passion, art, technology and innovation

Bottero Spa, an industrial group with over 800 direct employees and 25% of the workforce made up of engineers, employs the most advanced technologies to guarantee optimal product quality and services for its customers.

Bottero has been designing and manufacturing, since 1957, both machinery for processing flat and hollow glass and entire production lines for laminate and float sheets. In these sectors, Bottero is a world leader and operates in international areas through the factories and branches in the countries:

  • Italy,
  • Germany,
  • Francia,
  • UK,
  • USA,
  • China,
  • Brazil.

The company was born with a flat glass division and thanks to this sector it enters history with an avant-garde solution: from the first folding tables to the very modern modular series.

The production of machines for processing hollow glass in bottles and glass containers was introduced in the company in 1966, growing rapidly, and today it forms one of the three strategic business units with sales in over 40 countries.

An Engineering business unit was also created, which arises from the division of flat glass to meet the growing need of customers to have high production and modularity systems in the glass production plants.

This business unit is dedicated to the design and construction of large orders for flat glass plants and deals with important customers and some of the largest flat glass producers in the world.

Over the years, Bottero has increased its investments in the Research & Development area, to be able to always propose new solutions and improve the performance of its products.

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