How batch dosing works in the production chain

How batch dosing works in the production chain

Precision Fluid Controls has found a solution to also control batch batching in a filling line

Among the applications of flow meters one of the most critical and necessary is the control of batch batching of beverage additives.

While previously very large batches of the same product were produced, today the market has significantly differentiated, with more products and smaller quantities, so much so that companies need one flexibility greater than in the past e produce based on actual market demand.

Nellthe beverage industry this results in a more feasy transition from one flavored product to another with minimal cleaning. To keep the additive dosing system separate from the main product flow (such as water), most of the components of the filling line will be kept uncontaminated by the additives. This saves time, cleaning liquid and therefore costs when changing products.

The Precision Fluid solution for rapid batch dosing

Precision Fluid dosing flow meter

Beverage manufacturers therefore need a system capable of dispensing additives quickly, precisely and repeatably. It is necessary to carefully dose small quantities of additives with a very high speed, such as to require a good flow control.

To be able to have this type of control on the rapid dosage and to ensure it is always correct, Precision Fluid offers several solutions, including:

Both flowmeters are equipped with one integrated batch batching function which allows you to calibrate small quantities of liquid additives with a minimum tolerance. The firmware comes with a "Learning function”To correct automatically even the smallest tolerances.

Among the advantages of these products, the custom configuration, so that every production requirement can be best met by integrating with existing processes and production lines; therefore there is no need to reconfigure the production line.

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